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Rise of the MOOCs

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The trend of offering online courses has been on the rise, and there are many platforms to choose from, such as:

These platforms offer a wide range of courses from different fields of study. There are also some newer course providers, such as:

  • https://www.futurelearn.com/ - A platform for courses from the UK
  • https://iversity.org/ - A platform for courses from all over Europe
  • https://novoed.com/ - A collection of business courses with a twist, requiring coursework to be completed in collaboration with a team For those interested in learning to code, codeacademy.org offers a unique approach, where lessons are delivered in a sidebar, and you must code a functioning program to continue. If you’re stuck, the program provides guidance and helpful hints.

For those who are looking for open online courses, mooc-list.com is a search engine that lists all available options. mooctivity.com is a social network for people who enjoy learning through MOOCs, while skilledup.com is a search engine that lists both free and paid online courses.

In 2016, there are some exciting developments to watch out for, such as mooc.org, which will enable any institution to publish their own MOOC type course, and XSeries on edx.org, which is a collection of courses that grant you a special certificate if you complete the entire coursework.

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