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How to use GPT-3 with Obsidian

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You are going to need an OpenAI API account. Go to https://openai.com/api/ to create a new account.

You will need to have Obsidian Installed, you can get from the website: https://obsidian.md

Initial Setup - Plugin Obsidian-Textgenerator

Add the Plugin ‘obsidian-textgenerator’

This plugin will allow you to connect obsidian directly with the OpenAI Text Generator You can either search for the plugin, or click this link: obsidian-textgenerator-plugin (Or get it from the GitHub Repository)

Plugin Setup

To access to the OpenAI API, you got to create a secret key. Go to https://beta.openai.com/account/api-keys and generate a new secret key.

Open Obsidians Settings and paste your key into the api_key -field.

How to Use it

  1. write the command what you would want that GPT-3 does for you

Example Input:

write a summary of this blogpost https://www.codeandchaos.com/blog/2022/2022-11-18-SingleQuotesVsDoubleQuotesInJavaScript

  1. Now select the text
  2. Press the button in the sidebar ‘Generate Text’
  3. If nothing happens, wait until processing is complete (see the status bar for errors)
  4. The output is then added to the current document:

Example Output:

The author discusses the difference between using single and double quotes in JavaScript. They state that using double quotes is generally considered best practice, as it can help avoid issues with certain characters, like apostrophes. However, they also say that there are some cases where using single quotes can be helpful, like when working with HTML strings.


Now you should be all set up to get going with GPT-3. I am sure you will find a lot more use cases and possibilities what the text-generator can do for you.