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Evergreen Reading List

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Steve McConnell - Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

This book is a timeless classic about software construction and is a guide to software craftsmanship. It will teach you how to write good code, backed by research, examples and great explanations.

Initially while reading this book you might think - “this book is silly it does not tell me anything special”. However when using the book as a guide, suddenly writing “simple code” is not so simple anymore.

Amazon - Code Complete 2

Software Engineering at Google

A book about software Engineering principles at google. An insight into common problems during software development and how google tries to avoid them by applying different processes.

Free Ebook - Software Engineering at Google


Managing the Unmanageable

This book is a comprehensive guide on the tasks what a manager should do. It goes into the details of how to hire, identify the personalities and groom great developers.

It also explains the usual mistakes managers can make that they cannot lead their development team anymore.

Amazon - Managing the Unmanageable


Paul Arden - It’s not how good you are its how good you want to be

It is a book about creativity, business, marketing and what you want out of life.

On first glance this is a book with short sentences and pretty pictures. But if you take the time to look deeper and think about the ideas the book presents it may change your way how you think about yourself and put you on a path to greatness.

In the end while the ideas in the book may be simple it takes a lot of energy to make them a reality.

Amazon - It’s not how good you are its how good you want to be

Paul Arden - Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

This book further refines and expands on the ideas of the last book. Some say its exactly the same book. But that is exactly the point - repetition makes ideas stick much better in your head.

Amazon - Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

Robert Greene - Mastery

Mastery is the truest form of Power. This is a guide to Mastery, a collection of historical stories how people have obtained mastery and a guide how to obtain it yourself.

Amazon - Mastery

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