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Learning Resources for Coding and other Skills

img of Learning Resources for Coding and other Skills

Tech Learning

Technical Interview Preparation

Coding Training

  • CodeWars - small katas to warm you up for coding
  • HackerRank - Easy to follow instructions and coding challenges

University Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (or short MOOCs) are courses provided by Universities. Initially these courses were only provided by Ivy League universities, like MIT, Stanford and only covered technical / computer science topics. Today you can learn something about any subject and almost all universities and several companies are providing courses.

The best thing about these courses is that if you only want to learn, you can audit the course (i.e. just listen to the lectures and do the exercises for fun) and only if you want to you can pay to acquire an official certificate of accomplishment.

I would always recommend to audit the course first, as with the availability of almost unlimited courses, also the quality of the courses vary strongly.

You can use the Mooc-list to find a great course and start learning.

The main MOOC Providers are:

  • EDx - Courses from MIT and Harvard, as well as Microsoft and the Linux Foundation
  • coursera - Courses from Stanford, CalArts
  • futurelearn - A website from the UK with courses from British universities


  • Kahn Academy - A great site to help you learn for subjects you learn in school