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Visual Studio Code - Setup

This is my VSCode setup. I am working currently primarily with TypeScript and ReactJS. Last updated: May 2020 tl;dr Look and Feel Theme…

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Programming Resources

News / Updates It is difficult to keep up with all developments in the tech field. I use the RSS Reader Feedly to subscribe to a several…


Tom Marrs - JSON at Work

The book “JSON at Work” by Tom Marrs, it is a great introduction on how to create and use JSON. It covers topics on how to quickly set up a…


Notes on Course: Microsoft - Advanced CSS Concepts

My notes on the great course Microsoft - Advanced CSS Concepts on edx. Lesson 01 Responsive Layout Covers the basics of Responsive Layout…

Internet Explorer

Forcing IE 10 to render pages as IE 10

Now isn’t that a silly title, sadly it’s one of those things I never thought I would have to deal with. Especially as Internet Explorers…


Project Euler

Project Euler is a collection of challenging mathematical and computational problems. The first couple of problems are rather…